Miguel's videos

in November 2010 I was watching VH1 Soul and I saw a new video by an artist named Miguel and I said "ok this must be new" and I watched it and after J. Cole sang his part and Miguel sang omg I fell in love with him once I laid eyes on him and saw the body that matched that voice

Miguel your skin color is perfect I need you in my life asap


I would get excited every time Miguel's video would come on VH1 Soul (which was a lot because he was in the top 3 of top 10 best in soul) and then in February 2011 the video for Sure Thing came out and I watched it the first time it aired on Vh1 Soul and omg I went wild on twitter because he's so hot in that video and he sounds amazing in that song because it's Miguel and he's just naturally perfect because he's biracial and talented and hasn't gotten in trouble yet with the police

a few months later Quickie came out and I saw it the first time it aired on VH1 Soul too and omg that video is hot it's so hot I can't even

last February I was watching VH1 Soul and all of a sudden this really dark video came on and it grabbed my attention and it was the first video for Adorn it was the promotional sampler video and omg he looked so hot in that video I was bugging on twitter because it's Miguel and I miss him so much because I didn't like Girls Like You or Lotus Flower Bomb because Wale ruined that song and the video sucked tbqh

I would listen to Adorn every day and then in July 2012 the real video came on and I saw that air on VH1 Soul for the first time and I went wild on twitter and nobody understood what my excitement was about until I posted links to the video and the song and everybody fell in love with Miguel because he's perfect and doesn't need to say bad words in his song because he's hot

Adorn aired excessively everyday until November and I knew it was dying down late October and then came Do You a month after it was released and omg how hot idk which video is hotter, Do You or Quickie I really can't tell but I'm gonna say Do You because he sounds so hot in that song he sounds like a little kitten meowing omg his voice is so soft it's like toilet paper

then Candles In The Sun got released but it's too touchy and would never be ok to air on tv if there was a problem with Britney Spears' video for Toxic

but Miguel also has other videos but they are not official videos there are videos for All and Arch & Point and The Thrill but they will never air on tv but omg it's ok he's hot it's ok

Miguel I just want to let you know that you are perfect and I am your number one fan and I am a car so that is something very special because not many people have number one fans that are cars but you are the lucky one because you have one and omg I need you I love you everybody else is a poser I'm the real fan you're perfect your voice is so hot and I love how you hide things in your songs that are rly hot omg like the groan in Adorn omfg I can't right now I can't omg Miguel please you're perfect please come over I'll make you breakfast and do your laundry and if I have work that day I will call out from work because you are worth it you are perfect this is like having the President of the United States visiting your house except it's Miguel and he's perfect and worth it because yolo you won't ever get that opportunity ever again and you should always chase your dreams especially if they involve Miguel because he's perfect and hot