Chris Brown is an advocate for safe sex

I don't care what anyone has to say about Chris Brown because he is a good guy

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want to know why Chris Brown is a good guy?

he practices safe sex


and he's hot

have you seen New Flame

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in his hit song No Bullshit, he tells his listeners he is going to have sex with a girl at 3AM but first he needs to reach into the dresser where the condoms are so he can protect himself during sex. Chris Brown loves safe sex

Chris Brown and Trey Songz remixed Snootie Wild & K Camp's song Made Me, and in it Chris Brown shares how he has hundreds of condoms in his condo and he can't have any babies.  He does not let the listeners forget about it either. He mentions it 9 times.

Chris Brown also mentions the girl wants a baby but he basically says 'NO WAY I apply a condom on my extremely large hot sexual male appendage each time I have sex' except he said it in a sexier way because he is not a nerd

also all hot guys have safe sex

Miguel does it

Trey Songz does it

and Chris Brown does it

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