happy birthday A$AP Ferg

today is A$AP Ferg's birthday

he is 26

he's hot

A$AP ferg looking hot omg.jpg


he's from New York just like me

I bet if I held a conversation with him he would be able to understand every word coming out of my mouth unlike all those ppl from the midwest and northwest. get on my level nerds



anyway I don't listen to trap music at all or any of the A$AP mob but he's featured in Elle Varner's new single Don't Wanna Dance

I used to hate Elle Varner but because of this song I really made a huge turnaround and I like her again because she created this hot and sexy song omg look at this video he's stunning in it he's gorgeous this video is so hot

he looks so hot in the video omg

I was listening to his verse and I was taking it all in and omg it's so deep

I feel like I really connected with A$AP Ferg

asap ferg looking hot with elle varner.jpg

A$AP ferg looking hot with a t-shirt.jpg


I'm not into chubby guys or guys with grills but omg he is 100% an exception do you see his face he's the face of a cherub


happy birthday A$AP Ferg you're hot

A$AP ferg looking hot with a hat on.jpg