John Legend is a feminist

John Legend is a feminist

I have proof


John Legend married Chrissy Teigen.  Chrissy Teigen is out of control on social media.  She's doing her thing and John Legend is just sitting back doing dishes and cooking dinner and being quiet. he is obviously scared to say anything.  Chrissy Teigen needs to be stopped.  John Legend is letting her run free because 'women need to be equal' but in actuality she is just ruining your LIFE.  This is the issue with relationships.  Set boundaries.  The woman is going to ruin your life if you let her do whatever she wants.  John Legend is a feminist. Clearly Chrissy Teigen wears the pants in the marriage


his latest album Love In The Future seems to have a weird name, no? that's because in the future women are going to control the world.  'Love in the future' clearly means that in the near future, men are going to become obsolete.  John Legend is single-handedly letting women take control over men.  Women will now become plumbers.  Women will now be carpenters installing sheetrock and shingling roofs. Women are going to rip off men at the auto mechanic. I wouldn't doubt it if John Legend is paired with Beyoncé, but that is for another time.

John Legend took a 5 year break from in between Evolver.  Hmm, that's weird, he was releasing an album every 2 years but didn't release anything (this is excluding the collaboration album with The Roots) for 5 years?  Something is up!!!!! and it's John Legend in transition of becoming a feminist!!!!!



oh and I just want to clear up with everyone: DO NOT use All Of Me for your wedding song

it is not for you

it's for Chrissy Teigen

John Legend wrote that song specifically for Chrissy Teigen

it also got ruined 3 weeks after the video premiered because everyone thinks John Legend is saying they are beautiful

John Legend's wife is the only one in the video, not you or your college roommate bff Jessica or stepmom Linda or burn victim Stephanie and her amputee war veteran fiancé Chris.

that's like using Sweet Child O' Mine at your terminally ill child's wake or YouTube video montage even though Axl Rose wrote that for his (now ex) wife

his wife is not a child


the song sucks


John Legend's latest hit You & I (Nobody In The World) features a video of just women and sings about how beautiful they are.  You may think this is normal.  It's NOT normal to constantly be singing about women.  John Legend please man up

the video sucks and so does the song and so does the message of the video. You're wasting a huge production budget on these videos


whatever, I understand that a lot of music is about telling a girl how beautiful she is, but John Legend KEEPS doing it. It's getting too weird.

He is trying to brainwash his fans to turn them into feminists.  The fuck happened since Get Lifted in 2004??

can you imagine if John Legend had a baby and the baby was a girl???? He will be praising that thing like Simba from the Lion King but if it was a boy you would see like 1 picture on social media per month

ugh also can you imagine the pregnancy photo shoot?  John Legend kneeling down kissing Chrissy Teigen's pregnant stomach in a greyscale photo. (Wardrobe: jeans, white ribbed tank pulled up above 'baby bump' on Chrissy Teigen; John Legend shirtless/white tee.)


I am clearly not done proving my theory, but I am going to end this now.  I want all of you to take the time and just think about it.  We know in the very near future that John Legend is going to pull some feminist publicity stunt because he's trying to become Bono of U2 but without the obsession of Africa.  You will all see