happy birthday Miguel

today is Miguel Jontel Pimentel's 29th birthday

this is what perfection looks like

this is what perfection looks like


last night on twitter I asked VH1 Soul if they can please play a Miguel Soul Story or a video block for his birthday (today) and when I got home I was shocked because they actually did it and played every video they have rights for

they played every video except the Adorn teaser video

last night I was also tweeting about how I feel so weird lately and suddenly I narrowed it down to the lack of Miguel I've been seeing on VH1 Soul but now because of his Soul Story hour block today I feel renewed I feel powerful I needed this and this was a miracle

Miguel knew

VH1 Soul knew

the programmers most likely know that I can't live without Miguel

they need me

I need Miguel

Miguel looking hot with no shirt on.jpg

Miguel is so fucking amazing

I am so happy his parents had sex at that exact moment to create Miguel

look at this child this is the perfect child I need this

Miguel, a perfect infant

Miguel, a perfect infant

Miguel, a juvenile angel

Miguel, a juvenile angel

Miguel is perfect

I celebrated all day.  Instead of sleeping this afternoon, I made a video for Miguel's birthday.  It became live a quarter to 7pm, after an hour and a half to upload to youtube and another hour to save.  whatever Miguel is worth it he's perfect

I am so blessed and so happy to have been following Miguel from literally the very beginning of his career from before his first album was released to right now where it's his birthday and I'm thinking about how hot he is as I write this blog post and now I can't stop staring at the video thumbnail above this paragraph but it's ok it's Miguel he's supposed to distract me but idc I made 125 tweets about his soul story for an hour and I am so shocked I didn't go to twitter jail today because I was so expecting it and if I did go to twitter jail l would've been ok because he's worth the 8 month streak I'm currently at but w/e Miguel is worth everything in the world I need him he's so hot I need this


happy 29th birthday Miguel I love you so much please don't ever forget that

miguel looking amazing on his birthday in a red scarf.jpg