Chris Brown's nudes leaked again

ok so anyway in the beginning of the week there was controversy regarding Chris Brown's relationship with Karrueche Tran, as mentioned on The Real which is hosted by Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon

first off

how dare they comment on Chris Brown's relationship with Karrueche Tran and we all know it's because of Chris Brown's 'record' with his previous relationships um attn everyone who cares what's in the past is in the past ok leave Chris Brown alone he's hot ok

Chris Brown responded with a verbal 'attack' on both hosts which I'm not going to lie here it was pretty good lol Chris Brown should become a slam poet he has such a way with words

um attn everyone please buzz off leave Chris Brown alone please get back to your daily activities of getting your nails done 

karreuche tran and chris brown with a stain on his shirt.jpg

all week word of mouth of Chris Brown's relationship circled the internet and last night Chris Brown's nudes were released via instagram screenshots from his side girl

he messaged the girl with dick pics and she exposed the pictures on twitter

guess what it's not real the picture is fake and the conversation is fake too

I knew the picture was fake too because I saw Chris Brown's original dick pics and it is a completely different dick in the picture

can everyone please leave Chris Brown alone ok I know it's amazing when he gets enraged and yells at people because he's so on point with everything he says but please give it a rest or just space it out like every 3 weeks or something

Chris Brown can't have a heart attack he needs to relax with these rumors

remember he made New Flame

it's perfect

just like Chris Brown

chris brown and his perfect juvenile smile.jpg