Mariah Carey

today is Mariah Carey's birthday

it is also her 6th anniversary being married to Nick Cannon


first off let me just say what the fuck

why did you marry Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey are you sick do you have a fever

I wish your wedding day was more like the video for We Belong Together because Nick Cannon is clearly the old white guy and your true knight in shining armor is the hot guy with the shaved head


don't live with the regret of having your wedding anniversary so close to or on your birthday


ok but anyway I like Mariah Carey I like Vision Of Love and Emotions and all the other hits like Heartbreaker and We Belong Together and Always Be My Baby and Fantasy and Dreamlover

Fantasy was filmed at Rye Playland which is 40 mins away from where I live but I could get there faster because I'm a car

I used to go to Playland a lot when I was a little car

Mariah Carey is clearly having the time of her life in the Fantasy video which is exactly how it is like at Playland

I love the song with Miguel called #Beautiful and the hashtag is there because Miguel is #beautiful actually he's perfect Miguel is the reason that song exists and he sings more on #Beautiful than Mariah Carey does which is ok because Miguel is perfect and he deserves all the attention because he's gorgeous


Mariah Carey has a new single called You're Mine (Eternal) and let me just say omfg Trey Songz is in it and I can't handle myself when I see the video because it's a model photo shoot with Trey Songz in the video looking gorgeous as usual and Mariah Carey is just there in the rainforest chillin naked behind a wicker basket near a waterfall

I also like Boy (I Need You) with Cam'Ron because Cam'Ron is hot and sexy and that version is better than the original one and I like the video because the dog in the car talks

Mariah Carey seems to follow this trend of giving all of her album names something cute and feminine or something you get from Claire's and I have a feeling that Mariah Carey is running out of cute things to name her albums


if you say you hate Mariah Carey well you better have a lot of proof because nobody hates Mariah Carey everybody loves Mariah Carey

if you are a white male most likely Mariah Carey is your guilty pleasure I mean you can listen to black metal and punk rock and you can be having a bad day at the office but the moment you hear Always Be My Baby or Dreamlover you will absolutely be in a good mood because it's Mariah Carey


happy birthday Mariah Carey Miguel is hot in your video