Miguel's DUI Arrest part 2

Back in the summer, Miguel was arrested in the early hours of the morning for DUI on August 15th 2013.  I blogged about it here.

Everybody made a big deal about it even though driving under the influence is very serious but this is Miguel we are talking about and even though he is extremely serious and precious like a diamond ring he is fine driving drunk because he has a real car and if he had gotten hurt the airbags in his 2013 BMW X6 would've deployed and kept him safe.

on February 21 2014, TMZ reported that Miguel apologized for his DUI in August. Clearly this is not a concern of Miguel's since this took him over 6 months to say something about it.  Miguel is being extra sexy by admitting he should've never did this because he cares about people and doesn't want people to be like him because everybody needs to be their own person and not copy hot people like Miguel because Miguel is original and gorgeous

all I want to say is ok attn everyone who cares Miguel is fine please let him be

yes he had to pay a fine of $360 but I'm pretty sure if he tied his shoelace or rolled up a shirt sleeve that's like $800 given to him right there so paying a measly $360 fine is basically giving money away to poor people on the streets

Miguel also had to take a drunk driving class which again is w/e because Miguel is far too superior to be around those invalids in the class so he most likely did it online like a defensive driving class and had someone take it for him as he sat in a hammock being fanned off by giant palm leaves while being fed grapes or had private sessions at home for that because he most likely would become impaired from being around such lowlifes in the sessions and the education would become even more of a waste

Miguel was also sentenced to 3 years of informal probation which is such a major eye roll oh please 3 years is nothing you can blink an eye and it's over trust me I know this I'm a car most car leases are 3 years it's going to be over before a child born in August 2013 is toilet trained

Miguel you have nothing to worry about you will always have my support I know what you are going through I'm a car I see this happen everyday but don't worry you're ok you're still perfect you should be president you're hot we need a hot president you have no idea how gorgeous you are I hope you read this blog I'm always going to love you more than anyone or anything you are #1 in my life