Marvin Gaye

today is Marvin Gaye's 75th birthday


Marvin Gaye is one of the most influential people in the music industry and will be one of the best musicians regardless of how much time passes by whether it's 69 years or 500 years he will be one of the best


Marvin Gaye did struggle with a lot of personal issues regarding his relationship with his father and his mental state of mind but he never showed it through his music which is ok because he's still hot and good

it is very upsetting that he was killed the day before his 45th birthday by his father because it seems like a huge joke that isn't funny at all

after he took a break from music he came back with Sexual Healing and it was like he never had time off because it fit right in with his other songs

I like the duets with Tammi Terrell but it's such a shame she died right when their career together was setting off R.I.P. 

I've always liked Marvin Gaye and whenever I listen to him it puts me in a good mood because he's really good 

he has a lot of sexy songs like Inner City Blues omg this song sounds so hot and Heard It Through The Grapevine omg it's hot and Ain't No Mountain High Enough which is p much everyone's favorite Marvin Gaye song

I would just like to add that Miguel likes Marvin Gaye and this makes me extremely happy because this makes Miguel look even more perfect and gorgeous and admirable as if that wasn't an issue because it certainly isn't and it's ok because Miguel is still leading in the race of being gorgeous above everyone else and I truly believe that Miguel is going to become the next Marvin Gaye

happy birthday Marvin Gaye R.I.P.