today is Babyface's 55th birthday

he's gorgeous

Babyface is so hot I can't even explain this well I can but omg it's difficult for me to explain it because he's so gorgeous it just leaves me speechless omg

Babyface is so talented and I wish he was my bf he's hot and rich and looks young and looks good and he has a sexy voice and he doesn't have a beard and he's black

what more could u want in a man


Babyface also helped set off Toni Braxton's career and now in 2014 they have a new album together

Babyface looks gorgeous in that video with Pebbles omfg I can't handle how gorgeous he looks

and then he has that song with El DeBarge and every time I see that video it's hot black guys overload I can't handle El DeBarge and Babyface alone and I certainly can't handle them together u have no idea what I feel when I see them together

Tender Lover is hot Babyface has perfect hair in that video

When Can I See You Again is such a sexy song it's hot just like Babyface it's perfect that it's his own song because they're both hot

I don't even want to start with Whip Appeal I'm not going to be able to do this

don't even get me started with Jon B. omfg he's gorgeous and white which is a huge fucking shock for me and he has that song with Babyface and I'm done I'm completely finished he's gorgeous and so is Babyface of course but omfg Jon B. is the most perfect white guy ever u have no idea how I feel right now I can't contain myself I'm just omg I can't even speak


Babyface also helped found After 7 which is his brothers' R&B group and omg they're both hot I'm not even joking Ready Or Not is my jam it's such a sexy video with the imitation waterfall in the living room of the video set

Babyface has that new hit single with Toni Braxton called Hurt You omfg he's so fucking hot his voice hits all the right notes omfg I'm not even going to continue explaining just omg

anyway as you can see Babyface is a blessing straight from Heaven with his perfect face and hot and sexy voice and large sum of money for founding LaFace Records and he has so much talent it's just hot I'm excited right now it's omg I can't finish my sentences Babyface is just way too perfect for me to continue and try to make sense

happy birthday Babyface you're gorgeous