Jill Scott

today is Jill Scott's birthday

Jill Scott.jpg


Jill Scott's career took off in 2000 with her debut album release and I am so grateful that it did and not in 1999 because her album Who Is Jill Scott? feels so comfortable in the year 2000 and not in 1999 because it's like a millennial album but not millennium like Puff-Daddy-wearing-a-white-outfit-in-a-tiled-rotating-room-millennium but like I'm-gonna-go-to-Borders-with-my-large-vegan-coffee-millennium feeling. this is new. this is Jill Scott.


if I'm in a bad mood I can listen to Jill Scott and not be angry anymore and I wouldn't even be able to remember why I was in a bad mood to begin with because her voice sounds so sweet and her music is too good for you to even be in a bad mood

Jill Scott recently lost a lot of weight and she looks awesome I'm so happy for her

Jill Scott has so many sexy hits like So Gone (What My Mind Says) and A Long Walk and Crown Royal omg that song isn't even 2 minutes long and it's amazing whenever I listen to it I have to listen to it like 3 times because I just want to keep hearing it since it's so short but that's ok it's a sexy song she describes sex with a car it's perfect for me


one of my favorite Jill Scott songs is So In Love with Anthony Hamilton the video is amazing it's so bright and cheery and nice and it looks exactly like what you would think Heaven would look like and then you have the duet with Anthony Hamilton and his voice is so raspy but smooth at the same time and you can fall asleep to it like a lullaby and it just flows perfectly with Jill Scott's voice and it's perfect the video just shows long term happiness

I also love Blessed because Jill Scott released a new album and the last single was Blessed and it seems like a perfect way to end promoting the album and Jill Scott directed the video and it's perfect because it's what she wanted and the video demonstrates her daily routine as she tells a story about how happy she is with her life and there are puppets in the video and they are cute and this video was in heavy rotation on VH1 Soul and I was exposed to it a lot so that's probably why I love it

I love So Gone (What My Mind Says) featuring Paul Wall because the video is so dark and mysterious and sexy and the song is something I never heard anything similar to before and that's different to hear and everything is by candlelight in the video and then Paul Wall is in the video and he lost a lot of weight he looks so good and hot and then his verse comes up and he's talking about sex and then refers to himself as the diamond chip dick and then Jill Scott chimes in for the last line and says "that's what a diamond chip dick do" along with Paul Wall


Coincidentally all of those songs are from the same album which is her latest album The Light Of The Sun and that's my favorite album because it has a good name that sounds happy and Jill Scott is really good I love her music and I hope she has a song with Miguel in the near future because that would be perfect and amazing and hot


happy birthday Jill Scott please don't ever stop making music and being yourself