today is Prince's 56th birthday

his real name is Prince

Prince is hot


a lot of people say that Prince and Miguel look alike

I don't see it


they're both hot



Miguel is perfect


Miguel fuck me


Prince is gorgeous he looks timeless he literally never ages


I love the tricks he does on stage he's hot

his hair is perfect

his eyes are gorgeous

his bone structure is perfect


Prince does not like his songs on the internet so YouTube barely has any of his songs or his videos but that's ok he's still hot


idk what my favorite Prince song is

I'm torn between Controversy and Diamonds & Pearls

he looks gorgeous in Diamonds & Pearls

prince looking gorgeous.jpg

look at that jawline omfg im fucking done omg his eyelashes omg he's perfect he's not tall and he's perfect omfg


this blog post was going to be a lot longer but I can't handle this anymore he's gorgeous I have to go now bye

happy birthday Prince