Miguel releases Simple Things" remix featuring Chris Brown & Future

19 months after "Simple Things" hit airwaves, Miguel releases a re-lit version featuring Chris Brown and Future, with the help of producer (and Miguel's good friend and personal musical director) Brook D'Leau.

Simple Things was already remastered for Wildheart when it released late June, with minor changes.  

ok I'm gonna just stop here and get real and explain what I'm trying to say about this 

ok let me just say that hearing Chris Brown covering a Miguel song is really hot and this is a dream come true I've been waiting for Chris Brown and Miguel to do something together for years because they are both so hot and unique and they both have hot voices and omg and Future is really hot too I've been saying this for years and it's like a calling or an angel flew down from Heaven and made them all brainstorm together and have an epiphany and get them all in the studio to remake Simple Things

Simple Things is already a really good song it's so real and true to the heart and Miguel made it really good and extra hot with these hot cameos omg I swear this is the hottest remix I've heard in the last 3 years

Miguel looking so hot in a silk robe in his Wildheart album photo shoot.jpg


I yearned for the day that Miguel and Chris Brown get in the studio together and release hot songs and I had a feeling that it was going to happen soon tbh because when Miguel released Wildheart in June, Chris Brown gave Miguel a huge shout out on instagram for everyone to go listen to his album even though everyone should listen to Miguel's album because Miguel is hot and he is first priority over everything in the world he comes before the sick people on their deathbeds


Right now Miguel is busy touring in Europe until the end of the month and I know after the tour and towards Thanksgiving and December he is going to show us some tricks up his sleeve and I cannot wait because Miguel is a ticking time bomb he explodes with hot content when you least expect it because he is an enigma like me and it's so hot omg

Miguel looking gorgeous af in a greyscale photoshoot.jpg
Miguel smiling and looking gorgeous af in a greyscale photo shoot.jpg

Miguel I just want to personally congratulate you on becoming so hot in life and being even more perfect with this hot and steamy collaboration and I cannot wait to watch you get even more hot and famous in life and become a really famous public figure like the giant billboards that you see on the side of major highways or a bronze statue you see in the vestibule of a rest stop and everyone stops and pays attention to you even though they should already be doing that because you're perfect

I love you Miguel 

a greyscale picture of Miguel looking extremely hot as an angel on stage during his wildheart tour.jpg