Ryan Adams covers Taylor Swift's 1989 album

As talked about for months, Ryan Adams covered Taylor Swift's 1989 album, and it was released this week.


Who is Ryan Adams?

No, not Canadian mom-heartthrob Bryan Adams.  


Ryan Adams pretending he makes good music.jpg


9 years ago I went to a benefit concert and Ryan Adams was headlining.  Everyone was so excited that he was going to be there.  When it was his turn, he was poor.  I think I got up and waited on line for the bathroom during his set because it was that uninteresting.  Gavin DeGraw was on right before him and he got booed off the stage; that was more entertaining than Ryan Adams.


Ryan Adams has this mastermind idea that because he sucks, he's going to win everyone over with a cover of that insane monster, Taylor Swift's, new album 1989.  He is doing exactly what Lilly Allen did with Sheezus.  Except this isn't cute or funny or practical it just makes him look even more sad that he can't come out with a good piece of music and he's just exploiting Taylor Swift more than she needs to be and we don't need this because she isn't real and nobody needs to deal with her even more than we already do.

Ryan Adams' cunning idea is going to backfire shortly when Taylor Swift's insane fans take this all in and consider it an insult to them (Taylor Swift fans aren't real people anyway so it's ok) but I think Ryan Adams should just wave that white flag as much as he can and give up on music.

Mandy Moore, if you see this, RUN