Miguel signs modeling contract with IMG Modeling

This week, Miguel became one of IMG Modeling's newest models


it's about time


To be honest, I was expecting this to happen a long time ago and when Fashion Week happened in September and Miguel was sitting in the front row at the shows, I thought something was up. 

Miguel wearing a dark yellow jacket with torn jeans as he sits on a walnut-stained bench looking hot.jpg


Miguel has always had a distinct sense of style ever since I saw his video for "All I Want Is You" and I knew he dressed well and you didn't have to correct me on that one because it has shown over the last 5 years

Miguel looking hot in 2009 for his debut album.jpg



Miguel does have a stylist, Jasmine Benjamin, but he picks and chooses his outfits himself.  He and Jasmine work as a team together, sort of him asking her an opinion on XYZ, her saying
"yes but let's add QRS to the outfit" kind of style.


Miguel showing off his perfect chiseled abs and his gorgeous face.jpg

with a body like that how could you pass up on something this perfect and hot to model your clothing and underwear I mean hello let's get real Miguel could wear an entire line of Gildan blank crewneck sweatshirts and sweatpants and still pull it off as the sexiest model for drug store clothing I mean HELLO Miguel could wear a hospital gown and still look fucking hot in it and pull it off better than thousands of sick people in the hospital right now could


Miguel is perfect and he has the gorgeous looks and the gorgeous body to model along with a great personality and just because he has tattoos doesn't mean he can't model and MIguel is only 5'6" which is perfectly fine because his girlfriend, Nazanin Mandi, is only 5'4" and she has a contract with one of the top modeling agencies out there and Miguel and his gf are print models where height does not matter anyway

Miguel and his girlfriend Nazanin Mandi looking perfect on the beach.jpg
Miguel and his gf Nazanin Mandi taking a selfie.jpg
Miguel and Nazanin Mandi looking perfect in a picture while Miguel gives the photographer the finger.jpg
Miguel and his girlfriend Nazanin Mandi in bed smiling with true genuine smiles looking so happy.jpg



at the end of the day Miguel is still a regular person except he's hotter than most regular people 


never stop being you, Miguel


Miguel looking really hot outside sitting on the sidewalk on his 29th birthday.jpg