John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are having a baby girl

Today is John Legend's 37th birthday.  Earlier in the month, the singer and his model wife announced they are having a baby girl.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend in a picture before their spawn is birthed.jpg


Before and after they were expecting a child, I said if the baby is a girl it's going to be the worst thing ever

A thought becomes reality: we are fucking doomed

John Legend is going to flaunt the shit out of his daughter, exploiting her for his own image, and will suddenly host fundraisers and support a ton of other shit to make it look like he's the number 1 dad in the world because he changed a shit diaper (with Chrissy Teigen instagramming it as proof.)  Just another bandwagon to hop the fuck on 

Aside from constantly posting pictures of her food as usual, Chrissy Teigen has been quiet lately on Instagram, especially about the stages of her pregnancy, which only means she must be stocking up on obnoxious cutesey headbands with massive oversized flowers and bows and matching onesies with leggings with dreamcatchers and arrows and teepees and chevron and minky blankets and leather moccs that match every outfit.  Complete with Honest diapers.  All inspired by Pinterest and Instagram stores


The two of them becoming parents is literally the worst nightmare anyone could have.  They will both exploit the shit out of that little girl and I will not be surprised if Chrissy Teigen posts a picture of her kid next to a plate of food or something dumb to make her look even more like an airhead


stay tuned this spring when they actually have this poor little girl in their possession


John Legend holding Chrissy Tegien's pregnant stomach as she wears a hideous dress.jpg