Miguel is nominated for 2 GRAMMY awards

Today, the list of the 2016 GRAMMY awards nominations were announced.  Miguel has been nominated for 2, including Best R&B Song (again) and Best Urban Contemporary Album.


In both categories, Miguel is up against The Weeknd. 

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In best urban contemporary album, Miguel is up against Kehlani, Lianne La Havas, The Internet, and The Weeknd.  The other 3 artists' albums haven't made a dent anywhere so the real race is between Miguel and The Weeknd. 

Miguel deserves to win both categories.  I'm not being biased at all because I have listened to both artists' albums, and Miguel clearly has a better album.  The Weeknd does this thing where all his songs sound the same.  Literally all the same.  He's following the same structure with each track and it gets boring.  Miguel's album has songs that so different from each other, with each song sounding like they can all be his next single.  The Weeknd is only getting attention because of his name and his disgusting matted dread lock of hair.


 Best R&B Song, "Coffee" is nominated up against the mommy porn film anthem, "Earned It," Tyrese's "Shame," Jazmine Sullivan's "Let It Burn," and D'Angelo's "Really Love."

Again, this is only against Miguel and The Weeknd, as I haven't heard a thing from the 3 other songs.

"Coffee" was released as a teaser last December and has gained a huge amount of attention since its release, and it wasn't even the full song.  Miguel builds up a tensional structure in the hook which is not too common in a lot of songs released in the last 15-20 years.  

I do not like "Earned It" because the structure of that song is very poor.  The Weeknd exploded from the film and the song only got famous from that sub-par book-to-film movie.  The Weeknd has gone way too mainstream now and that is hurting his image badly because people are expecting so much from him but they're getting so little because he sounds the same.


Let's get real now you all know Miguel is a lot better than The Weeknd and even the die hard Weeknd fans are saying Wildheart is a better album than Beauty Inside The Madness and it's true.  I have heard The Weeknd sing live and his voice just does not project like Miguel's voice.  It sounds like he has microphone problems every time he's live and his voice only goes one pitch not like 69 pitches like Miguel's voice goes

Miguel is a GRAMMY favorite anyway so he has a better chance at winning in both categories than The Weeknd and The Weeknd is also nominated in 5 different categories aside from these two and he can't win all of them anyway because that would be cheating


Miguel can already hear them calling his name up to the stage

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