Wale sucks

Wale, also known as Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, is a well-known rapper whose been featured in a lot of artists' songs, starting with The Roots back in 2008.  His debut album was released in 2009.  He kinda looks like Will.I.Am.  

Wale wearing a yellow hat by a brick wall outside.jpg

In The Roots' song, "Rising Up" with Chrisette Michele and Wale guest appearing on the track, Wale says a total of 14 words before Chrisette Michele joins in and finishes the remainder of the verse with Wale.  I don't know why he was even mentioned as a guest appearance on the track but I guess you have to start somewhere?


In 2011, "Lotus Flower Bomb" was released, which features Miguel.  I think I'm speaking for the majority of the population on Earth when I say that Miguel is the one that brought the success to this song.  Most of the time, you cannot understand a word Wale says because of the speed he's rapping/talking, which usually results in him running out of breath by the time the sentence ends.

I soon forgot about the song.

Miguel looking gorgeous as ever in 2011 and Wale ruining the picture because Wale sucks.jpg


This is when I realised that Wale sucks.


In 2013, Wale rolled out yet another album, with a new single called "LoveHate Thing," which featured a new artist named Sam Dew.  Again, Sam Dew saved this track with his soft, unfamiliar voice.  The video features Wale sitting in the dark inside of a room with a giant wooden X on the table for some reason.  Another song I forgot about.

Sam Dew doing his thing as Wale ruins his own song.jpg


It seems like every 2 years Wale tries again and releases a new album to see if anyone notices and I do notice because each time the songs sucks.  In 2015, a new song entitled "The White Shoes" emerges and it sucks and it's about someone getting their Air Forces Ones stolen off of their feet.  I cannot understand a word Wale is saying because he forgets how to breathe when he's rapping.  I assume this is what the song is about because I sort of understood what was happening in the song based on the video.


According to my studies, The Roots wanted to help him break through as an artist in the music industry but he only said 14 words so they abandoned him so Wale turned to rappers that were not "out there," so to speak, and after the first guest appearance they too abandoned him.  It's kinda like someone that has no idea how to act when they're on a Tinder date and after the first date they never meet up with the match again but they don't give up hope and just keep going on first dates.


Wale not knowing how to pose for pictures.jpg

Wale sucks