happy 504 day

Today is 504 Day!!!!!!!


504 Boyz looking hot on quads.jpg

504 Boyz was a group from 2000-2006 created by Master P

their name is 504 because of the New Orleans area code and the group is from New Orleans

Mystikal was also in the group too

so was Curren$y he's hot

Curren$y looking hot as fuck omg.jpg


they had like 2 hit songs

I Can Tell and Wobble Wobble


in 2005 the 504 Boyz released their final album called We Gotta Bounce Back and it was released as a benefit compilation album for Hurricane Katrina


still nonetheless it's 504 Day which is a good day to celebrate by playing I Can Tell all day because the song is good and it's hot


504 Boyz looking gorgeous all in white.jpg

happy 504 day!!!!!