happy birthday Chris Brown

Today is Christopher Maurice Brown's 26th birthday

Chris Brown and his gorgeous smile winning me over like you wouldn't believe.jpg

Chris Brown has had some year in the last 365 days

  • his newest album, X, was released in September
  • New Flame was sitting at the top of the charts like a king on its throne
  • Loyal was a huge hit all year around and it's still a huge hit and it's a hot song too
  • he has a 1 year old baby girl, named Royalty
  • he finally got rid of Karrueche Tran
  • he got hotter
  • he celebrated his 10th year making music, now in the 11th year
  • he bettered himself


Chris Brown looking extremely gorgeous and happy in a greyscale pic.jpg


Chris Brown is gorgeous and idc what anyone says because they are just bitter and jealous and they don't understand how hot he is and his music is really good and they need to get hearing aids to listen to his sweet voice and how precious it is and they must have glaucoma too if they can't see how gorgeous he is too

Chris Brown looking really hot in a gold room and he has a perfect outfit on too.jpg

I saw the video for New Flame the day it was released and omg let me just say I have seen the video literally hundreds of times because it is so good because Usher is in it and so is Chris Brown and omg

Chris Brown looking extremely HOT and PERFECT in New Flame.jpg


Chris Brown and Sevyn Streeter have released quite a few songs together over the last few years and more in the last 18 months and I hope they continue to do this and they release an album together please do this Chris Brown I'm asking you to do this I want you two to become the next Avant and KeKe Wyatt 

Chris Brown and Tyga also released another album together and I'm so happy because they are both hot and Chris Brown has been doing a lot of stuff with Trey Songz lately too like bonding more and partying together and they made a remix of Snootie Wild's song Made Me which is really hot too and omg this is way too much for me but I like it because it's all the really hot guys together as one on tour singing and being hot on stage

Tyga and Chris Brown and Trey Songz all being gorgeous and extremely hot on tour together.jpg
Tyga and Chris Brown together looking hot and having a great time enjoying life.jpg
Trey Songz and Chris Brown looking extremely gorgeous together.jpg

Chris Brown's new album X is really good too I'm so happy it exists it's really different and Chris Brown literally exploded all over the radio and the media in the last year because he's hotter than ever and because New Flame is perfect

I love you Chris Brown happy birthday you're hot

Chris Brown posing and looking extremely hot in a dim room.jpg