Miguel is being sued for the 2013 Billboard Music Awards accident

It's been 24 months since Miguel's unfortunate stage jump at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, resulting in an injury to a bystander in the audience.  It seems a little weird for someone to finally be something 2 years later, no?


ok let me just say in the last 3 days Miguel has been booming all over the Internet between being extremely gorgeous in a Michael Kors suit at the Met Gala Benefit to the countless interviews he's had for his upcoming album so why not make him more famous by bringing up another topic that is so old

Miguel looking extremely beautiful and gorgeous at the 2015 Met Gala benefit.jpg


that dumb girl that got 'hurt' in the audience is just doing something now as in this week because she sees that Miguel is being perfect and hot and he's releasing a new album, WildHeart, on June 30th.  She thinks she's going to file a suit and it will be all nice and dandy for her and she'll get a cut of the money from Miguel's latest promotions.

I don't think so

excuse me Cindy Tsai stop being a sore loser just accept that Miguel did this to you on accident it's like you trying to file a sexual harassment case on someone that bumped into you on accident in a Walmart on Black Friday you need to fucking relax and get over it because this is your fault in the first place because you CHOSE to stand near the stage and YOU weren't paying attention AT ALL to Miguel during his performance which is a major shame on you because if you were watching how hot Miguel was being on stage during "How Many Drinks?" then maybe you would've saw Miguel being hot and jumping and you would've gotten out of the way that's like a road flagger not moving out of the way when he sees someone about to hit him when they're merging into another lane it's called common sense maybe you should file a lawsuit against your parents for raising you to be so dumb and you can get some common sense with your lawsuit fortune

Miguel smiling and looking fucking stunning and gorgeous on stage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.jpg
Miguel looking fucking beautiful at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.jpg

you are a huge cry baby and you need to leave Miguel alone you are just jealous that Miguel is hot and beautiful and you're just someone that takes every opportunity possible to get anything out of everything you're like a raccoon in a highway diner's dumpster looking for the littlest thing and cashing it in for yourself

attn Cindy Tsai congratulations on wasting your nonexistent money on a lawyer because you're going to lose this lawsuit and feel really dumb because the judge will literally scoff in your face and the case will be sealed shut like a waterproof container protects important things like diplomas and birth certificates because Miguel is fucking beautiful and perfect and hot and he wins because hot guys always win 

this is how much Miguel cares

this is how much Miguel cares