No Sleeep

Janet Jackson returns after 7 years and she gives us 'No Sleeep'


This song is exactly what I would expect from Janet; a soft, intimate song, featuring J. Cole's soft voice.  This song reminds me a lot of 'Any Time, Any Place,' both songs have the hot R&B "quiet storm" sound effects; the whispering, the rain, the clouds clapping

I don't even need to explain what the song is about because it's self explanatory within the first 5 seconds of hearing it

Janet Jackson with candles and coffee/tea in No Sleeep.jpg

The video is very similar to Miguel's 'Coffee' video, both videos have a dim-lit room, same language and messages, but Miguel's is about waking up and Janet's is about staying up all night.

In 'Any Time, Any Place' Janet is waiting around for her man to stop by.  The same thing is happening with 'No Sleeep,' with J. Cole showing up at the end.

J. Cole outside the window in No Sleeep looking hot.jpg
Janet Jackson and J. Cole together in No Sleeep.jpg

Janet Jackson holds up a magnifying glass in a part of the video, which makes me wonder if this video foreshadows a next video/single leading up to a murder or some other mystery.

Janet Jackson holding up a magnifying glass in No Sleeep.jpg

Janet Jackson picked a good song to bring back her return