Janelle Monáe and the Wondaland Illuminati

Janelle Monáe and her protégé artists signed on her label, Wondaland Records, are all a part of the illuminati.  How am I so sure?


Janelle Monáe and her Wondaland Illuminati.jpg


Janelle Monáe and her crew's new album is called The Eephus.  What is an eephus?


Eephus: an off-speed pitch, intended to catch the hitter off guard.


That's the baseball definition, but with what I can pull apart from that simple definition, it's another clue.

"Intended to catch the hitter off guard."  Right.  The Wondaland Illuminati intends to catch their audience (us) off guard with this album; meaning we won't see what they're trying to do until it's too late.





The Wondaland Illuminati has a very distinct and unique visual image for all members.

St. Beauty, Deep Cotton, Roman GianArthur, Jidenna, and Janelle Monáe always wear the same outfits.  Another merit leading me to believe that this is a cult.  


St. Beauty: these women always look dressed for a night on the town. Always.

St. Beauty, members of the Wondaland Illuminati.jpg

Deep Cotton: always wearing something similar, like identical twins.  Dressed like the CEOs of companies.

Deep Cotton, members of the Wondaland Illuminati.jpg

Roman GianArthur: he has a similar wardrobe, but he always masks his appearance with that giant oversized hat.  Could it be that he's hiding himself because he's a member of this special illuminati? Just maybe.

Roman GianArthur, a member of the Wondaland Illuminati.jpg

Jidenna: he's always incognito with his suits and his cane, depicting himself to be an older gentleman that can't do any harm when smiling as he walks down Main St.  If only everyone knew the truth.  This "classic man" is nothing but an act.

Jidenna, a member of the Wondaland Illuminati.jpg

Janelle Monáe: in the past, the media has commented on her outfits.  Lately, in the last 2 years, she's been on the down low with her ridiculous wardrobe, trying to play it cool up until her group was formed.  I caught on to you in 2009, I know what you're doing.  By Janelle Monáe dressing up like it's spirit week 24/7, it's only obvious that she's the ring leader behind the Wondaland Illuminati.  




Janelle Monáe, a member and the mastermind behind the Wondaland Illuminati.jpg




These are only assumptions, but based on my calculations, I have the best shot of being accurate.

Janelle Monáe:  She is the ring leader, the mastermind, the creator behind this cult.  She's the one that wants to bring her Wondaland Illuminati to power and rise above everyone and everything to control the world.  She is going to destroy the music industry and destroy the Earth.

Jidenna: Janelle Monáe's sidekick.  Her bitch.  Her right hand man.  Every woman lead role needs a male sidekick to distract the enemies' attacks on herself.  He is basically her stunt man.

Roman GianArthur: He's the one that plans everything for Janelle Monáe and Jidenna.  The "nerd" behind the operations.  He does all the dirty work for the Wondaland Illuminati behind the scenes.

St. Beauty: Every squad needs a female duo to distract the enemies from attacks.  This is the duo.

Deep Cotton: These two men are the "outsiders" that act like they have no idea what is going on with the operations.  They play it up as dumb like they're not with the protagonists, Janelle Monáe and Jidenna.  Deep Cotton plays with the opponents to get more secret information out of them to help Janelle Monáe take over the world.  


It's only a matter of time before the Wondaland Illuminati expands and Janelle Monáe adds more members, I mean artists, to this cult.  This is only the beginning.

Janelle Monáe and her Wondaland Illuminati at a party.jpg