Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir get married

Tonight Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir got married in Miami

Tonight is the series premiere of their show, The Mane Event which started off with a live broadcast of their wedding as the first episode

their wedding cost $1.7 million 

Gucci Mane looked so hot

even with his ice cream cone tattoo on his face he was gorgeous

I knew this was going to be a thing since August when I started seeing the promotional commercials for their event

they picked this date because Gucci Mane's old house number growing up was 1017 which is a p unique way to choose a number that means a lot to them it's not like it's 420 or 69

they were supposed to be officially married at 10:17PM but I'm p sure it didn't happen because when I was watching the show I realised it was way past that time and they didn't even start the ceremony yet


anyway congratulations Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir on getting married you two are great I hope your baby is born on October 17th

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir before they got married.jpg