today is Miguel's 32nd birthday

I love Miguel so much he's perfect he deserves everything in the world

Miguel has always been perfect look at his perfect smile from when he was 3 years old it's the same smile he has now and will always have forever


Miguel being a perfect 3 year old in 1989.jpg


this year in May he got new hair he looks so hot with his silky twists


Miguel giving a hot look with his silky twists.jpg


Miguel's new album is coming out in December and I am SO EXCITED I already know he's gonna look hot on the album artwork I mean hello have you seen his last 3 albums he is a gorgeous man

Miguel is perfect and hot and at age 32 he is going to get married v soon and release a new album v soon and go on tour again for that new album and do a lot of hot things like take more selfies and record himself working out in his garage and take more pics of him and the cats