Miguel releases album artwork for War & Leisure

Miguel's 4th album, War & Leisure, is due out this December.  This afternoon, Miguel shared the album artwork; first on his Wildheart app, then on Instagram and Twitter.  I'm on Miguel's app so I got to see it first


Miguel's album artwork for War & Leisure.jpg

Miguel looks gorgeous as expected and I had a feeling his album artwork would feature sand because he's been posting pics with sand backgrounds for months now and it's such a perfect photo look at the coloring and his outfit goes so well with the background I love this so much

when Miguel was in London in September a music company leaked that his album will be released in December and even though not many albums are released in December, Miguel is still doing it despite the risk of the album not selling well but this is Miguel I will buy this album like 3 times like I've done in the past and Miguel will show everyone that his album will skyrocket in sales even if it's released in December

I love you Miguel I cannot wait this is gonna be the best Christmas gift ever