Jidenna's back

Today is Jidenna's birthday


happy birthday Jidenna


So anyway Jidenna released his debut album The Chief back in February and it's good

The Let Out is a good song the video for the song is really fun

idk what's going on but there's this big dinner and Jidenna and his friend are trying to sneak out to go to the let out aka the place everyone meets at after the bars and clubs close at night but Jidenna gets whisked away into the other room

Jidenna being whisked away into the other room in The Let Out.gif


then one of Jidenna's friends is sitting at the table and he grabs Jidenna's attention by showing him a pic of a girl on his phone warranting Jidenna's approval and he gives him the head nod saying yes


Jidenna's friend distracts him by showing him a pic of a girl on his phone and Jidenna nods his head in approval.gif

this video syncs up with the lyrics this song is very clear and easy to follow but usually when the lyrics are like that then the song sucks imho but this song does not suck it's really good Jidenna has improved a lot


then Jidenna gets real af on Bambi

He's running through a park and then onto the streets and he's seeing flashbacks of him and the love of his life in a car windshield and a storefront window's reflection and Jidenna looks really hot in these flashbacks

there's also a navy blue woodgrain PT Cruiser in this video yes Jidenna that's me saying hi

Jidenna and the navy blue woodgrain PT Cruiser in the Bambi video.jpg

as Jidenna is running to the church he's becoming dishelved and he looks kinda hot like a big mess and he gets to the church and he's drunk bc he's been drinking out of his flask throughout this entire video but he's a hot alcoholic

Jidenna at the church in Bambi video.jpg


then the worst happens: he becomes vocal and people at the church need to hold him back and Bambi is over there saying omg I can't believe this is happening but she goes into the Fiat waiting at the curb and escapes Jidenna's wrath 


the church steps scene during Jidenna's video for Bambi.jpg

I like Jidenna now that the whole Classic Man schtick is gone and I'm not hearing that song everywhere I go

also he has a cute sense of humor because 2 years ago for Halloween The Game dressed up as Jidenna and last year for Halloween Jidenna dressed up as The Game and he looked SO HOT like that omg


The Game dressed up as Jidenna for Halloween in 2015.jpg
Jidenna dressed up as The Game for Halloween.jpg


happy birthday Jidenna